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    Frequently asked questions

    What does BEZHIT stand for?

    In the language of one of the subcultures of our region, known for endurance and kindness, in response to the other persons' question, BEZHIT means "live long". For this reason, we also used the beauty of this word in response to our audience, and we will always say to you: "BEZHIT".

    Why BEZHIT?

    As a third generation of producers and suppliers of agricultural and horticultural products, we have adopted a new approach to rely on science and innovation to meet global market consumer needs in compliance with global standards. One of these programs in BEZHIT Futuristic Unit is to produce more value-added products based on agricultural and horticultural products. So, from the very beginning, we are all committed and obliged to observe all the technical, ethical and environmental aspects in order to help strengthen our lasting relationship in the long-term while building trust.

    • We have been providing high-quality products to our consumers for more than half a century, which means you can trust us as an expert in preparing fruits and seasoning.
    • BEZHIT is not only a producer part of the crop but as a supplier, wholesale products from family and local farms by educating farmers and checking the standard and quality of the product to help boost the local economy and to be beside hardworking farmers and gardeners.
    • BEZHIT is constantly overseeing and monitoring its growing areas and products, to provide you with the highest quality taste.
    • Customer satisfaction and attention mean we are available 24/7 to address your questions and concerns with us.
    How can I place my order?

    To communicate better, you can contact us by registering on the site and completing the corresponding form via email and other means of communication. Upon receiving your email and request, our experts will contact you and take necessary actions in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the required product or service.

    How to work with BEZHIT?

    We have considered a part of our work package at BEZHIT for serving our domestic and international partners to share our interests and help grow our benefits by creating and maintaining strong links between active industry players. So, complete the necessary information for cooperation in the "SERVICES" section so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

    Are only the products in the BEZHIT product basket available to order?

    With more than half a century of activity and family history and extensive access to the supply chain of agricultural and food products, all our efforts in BEZHIT are made to expand the healthy food basket according to necessary standards. Therefore, not only the products in BEZHIT’s product basket can be ordered and supplied, but BEZHIT can also be a representative for international customers (genuine and legal persons) to supply required agricultural and food products locally. Also, to provide you with the best advice and options in purchasing other products, to after confirm finally, you, as the representative of your organization, we could prepare the requested product for you.

    How is the pricing?

    Given that various parameters such as shipping conditions, order volume, harvest season, product specifications, delivery time, …. effective in pricing so all customers and audience can ask us for the price on a daily basis. In order to pay attention to customer’s welfare and share the benefits of the deal, a specific price will be considered for each other, to maintain fairness in the deal.

    Therefore, we assure you that all of us at BEZHIT do our best to deliver the product to our customers at a reasonable price while maintaining the quality of the product. To know the price and related items, share your questions with us.

    How can we communicate with BEZHIT?

    The BEZHIT head office is in (North Valiasr Ave.,Tehran, Iran) and the best way to communicate with us is via email address ( so that your messages can be followed more consistently by our experts. Since Fridays and on some occasions are official holidays in Iran, for the welfare and better response to our customers, we have decided two WhatsApp numbers so that we are available to you at all hours of the day or night. There is a saying among BEZHIT employees that is “always stay close to the customer”.

    What are the conditions for forward purchasing?

    Given the legal, ethical and technical conditions, it will be possible to establish and create this option for farmers, gardeners, and buyers. For more information about the conditions contact our experts in BEZHIT and fill out the form in the "SERVICES" section.

    Does BEZHIT do custom packaging and labeling?

    Definitely yes! BEZHIT will try to provide products in specific packaging and label requested by each customer, according to its available facilities. Contact the experts of BEZHIT for more information.

    What is the importance of producing scientific content in BEZHIT?

    One of our core activities in the BEZHIT specialized content production team is focusing on publishing and producing scientific articles relevant to global market trends, environment, quality and standards, climate change, water consumption management, and production of healthy and organic products, sustainability and so on. Therefore, in the BEZHIT articles section, our experts extract scientific articles with high citations in proportion to the defined keywords and rewrite them to be available to our audiences. On the other hand, BEZHIT aims to create and maintain a relationship with researchers and research and scientific centers to support and republish their research. Thus, we warmly all internal and international researchers and students to send us their related articles and scientific papers for display and publication in BEZHIT.

    As a family, we sincerely appreciate your constant support and hope to expand the BEZHIT community alongside you, as we believe that BEZHIT’s identity is defined by each and every member of the BEZHIT community.